Your Attention Skills Count – 6 Ways to Make Them Better

Your Attention Skills Count – 6 Ways to Make Them Better


How to Increase Attention Skills
6 Exercises to Increase Your Attention Skills

Do you find your mind wanders in the middle of something important? I’m sure we can all answer “yes” to this one, can’t we?

So, if you suffer with attention issues, this info article is taylor-made for You!

How repetition can help with attention skills

Like anything we do, strengthening your attention skills comes down to repetition.

It’s no different than going to the gym, running daily, attending church, or going to yoga classes.

It is only through repetition that we are able to improve upon what we have.

Getting a baseline for your attention is key, so you can adjust the exercises accordingly.



Now You Know — Discover How  6 Quick Exercises Can Increase Your Attention Skills

Baseline to make these exercises work:

IMPORTANT — Do not skip this! First, set out on a task you have. It doesn’t matter if it’s reading, writing, or working in the yard.

Determine the task, set a timer, and work for as long as you can before you lose your attention. Do not check your phone, stop to talk, or daydream.

You may be surprised at how much time is wasted just in those minute instances.

This is your baseline and all of the exercises are designed with a 5-minute baseline in mind.

If your baseline is higher, adjust accordingly, if it is lower, keep the same timeline.

Train Your Focus

● Set a timer for 7 minutes
Focus Completely on working, reading, or the task
● Take a 3-minute break
Set for another 7 minutes
● Each day add another 2 minutes to your focused work time. With an additional 1 minute if break time.

Success in Less Than Two Weeks?

In 12 days, you should have increased your focus by 41 minutes of productivity followed by 14 minutes of break time. As soon as you’re comfortable with what you are doing, make adjustments to lengthen your attention skill sessions and decrease your break times.

The end goal is 50 minutes of productivity per hour with a 10-minute break session.

Meditate and Mindfulness

Meditation helps with increasing attention skills. When the hustle and bustle of everyday life has you flustered, take 10 minutes to close your eyes and re-center your thoughts. Research has shown that meditation can boost your attention span.

Where Meditation seeks to clear your mind, Mindfulness seeks to incorporate your mind and body with the surrounding environment. It is something that you can do at different times throughout the day just by stopping and observing your surroundings.

Attention – No Past Thought – No Future Thought

The end goal is to be in the present. The entire idea of mindfulness can be summed up in one simple phrase — be where your hands are.

If you are at work, and your mind is at home it’s time to practice mindfulness. This helps with attention span because it forces you to focus on the things you are doing right now.

Train Your Memory Power

Increasing your attention span through memory training is something you can easily do daily.

A simple exercise is to read a story on your favorite news site, wait 5 minutes, then write a quick summary of that story,

Next, go back and re-read the story to see if you missed any key information.

As you progress, read longer and longer pieces of work. Read it thoroughly and read it slowly. Like eating ribs, low and slow is the name of the game.
Attentive listening

Focus is important not only for the work environment, but also for the home environment.

In truth, listening and communicating with loved ones builds rapport and intimacy. Logic shows that couples who have a high degree of intimacy tend to live better lives and stay together longer.

Listening attentively is just focusing all of your energy on the person that is talking. The easiest way to do this is to ditch the phone.

Psychologists use a common method called active listening. This means you listen attentively, then feedback something they just said to let them know you understand their feelings on the subject. This works great — and you’ll be considered an amazing conversationalist!

Finally, Keep a Journal

Attention SkillsThe last exercise isn’t one that people normally think of, but journaling can help you to increase your attention span.

Just like working, keeping a journal becomes your personal outlet for self-expression.

If you are operating on 500 different levels at once, writing your thoughts will help clear out the clutter.

Set a word goal for the day.

A good milestone is 600-700 words. Write 700 words on whatever is on your mind, it doesn’t have to be good. But, it can help if you remain positive. Once done, simply dump all the excess thoughts and go from there.

Now that you know all about increasing your attention skills, you can accomplish more during the day. And, accomplishments often lead to success, no matter what your goals!

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