5 Tips to Getting What You Want Using Positive Affirmations

using positive affirmationsFirst, Wikipedia explains self-affirmation as a social psychology theory (Don’t worry, I’ll dismiss big words like these below in my part of the article.).

Now, the question is; Do affirmations really work? Let’s find out — And, discover how to start using positive affirmations to get what you want.

So, here’s what the online encyclopedia has to say:

Self-affirmation theory focuses on how people adapt to information or experiences that are threatening to their self-concept. Claude Steele originally popularized the self-affirmation theory in the late 1980s.

Even today, it the affirmation theory remains well-studied in social psychological research.

Self-affirmation theory contends that if individuals reflect on values that are personally relevant to them, they are less likely to experience distress and react defensively when confronted with information that contradicts or threatens their sense of self.

Experimental investigations of self-affirmation theory suggest that self-affirmation can help individuals cope with threat or stress and it could be beneficial for improving academic performance, health, and reducing defensiveness.” ~ Wiki

WHAT? Let’s Get Started – 5 Powerful Tips for Using Affirmations to Get What You Want in Life

The Meaning of Positive Affirmations for Me and You

Notwithstanding the Wiki description, read this simpler term for positive affirmations…

Positive affirmations are nothing more than your positive self-talk.

They can become a powerful tool you can use;  helping you develop a success mindset to get what you want in your life.

And, positive affirmations are simple and easy to use. In fact, when done correctly they can be incredibly useful!

So, take a look at these five quick tips to help you create and learn how to use the affirmation strategy so you can get what you want in life.

Tip #1 You Can Use Positive Affirmations Anywhere

The best thing about affirmations is that you can use them anywhere and at any time.

Did you know you can use affirmations to get the job you applied for more easily?

For example, if you’re heading into an interview for that new job, you can use a simple affirmation to help you calm your nerves.

Yes, by relaxing, taking a few deep breaths and repeating positive affirmations, you will start to relax. This helps your nervousness to subside and gives you the confidence you need to make a good first impression.

Tip #2 Keep Your Positive Statements Short

The second tip is important. When you use positive affirmations, make sure that you keep them simple, short, and to the point. Your self-talk will be more effective when the sentences are quick, one-liners.

Also, it’s much easier to remember these shorter versions so you can repeat them to yourself over and over again.

Tip #3 Make Sure Your Affirmations are Positive

It’s a proven fact, our subconscious minds cannot tell the difference between a positive and negative affirmation. The sad news is, the brain will take on either one.

So, if you say to yourself, I am not going to fail this test, the mind will only here; going to fail this test.

To keep your daily affirmations positive, you should instead say, I am passing this test.

how to use positive affirmations for success

Tip #4 Repeat Your Positive Self-Talk Every Morning

Start to repeat your affirmations every morning to help support your goals for the day.

When you wake up in the morning, look at your schedule. Then, come up with the best morning affirmation that will support reaching your life, spiritual and success goals for the day.

After some initial testing, you may find some common positive affirmations which work best for you regularly.

Tip #5 Record Positive Affirmations in Your Own Voice

Here’s a cool tip to enhance your affirmations. Take the time to make a recording of you repeating your affirmations. Then, listen to the tapes on your way to work or school as needed.

Consider adding some soothing music to the background to make them even more useful.

Using Positive Affirmations

Why You Should Begin Using Positive Affirmations

You now own some powerful tips to make positive affirmations an addition to your daily goal plans. But why should you use positive affirmations anyhow?

To answer simply, using positive affirmations gives you an incredibly powerful tool you can use to help you manifest all your desires. Using these positive statements daily can help you to:

  • Understand Your Feelings
  • Move away from that certain fear you now have
  • Get ahead in the workplace or your business
  • Be more relaxed during school tests and exams
  • And, to help you generally create a better outlook on life!

So, be sure to keep these five tips in mind when you are using your “I can do it affirmations” to make them more effective in your life.

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Six Helpful Self Affirmation Examples to Help You Get Started…

Just to close, I thought I’d include these six self affirmation examples to help you get started with health, positivity, finances, happiness and success in life.

  • I am worthy of being healthy.
  • I fill my mind with positive thoughts.
  • My bank account grows daily.
  • All my dreams, goals, and desires are instantaneously met.
  • Happiness is my natural state of being.
  • I attract powerful and successful people who understand,  motivate, and inspire me daily.

These are some of the main affirmations many people use daily. But, you can take each category and come up with your own, I’m sure.

I sincerely hope you found these tips for using positive affirmations helpful. And, I wish you the best of success in everything you do! Thanks for reading! ~ Bob